… It Takes A Village!

Sin Ain’t Sweet

After dinner, read or tell the following scenario to your kids and discuss the bad results that might happen.
When Marc and his mom were at the grocery store, he asked his mom, “Can I have a candy bar?” His mom said, “No.” Marc really wanted one, so when his mom wasn’t looking, he took a Snickers bar and put it into his pocket. 
Ask:  What bad results could happen from Marc stealing the candy bar? (the store manager could catch him stealing and call the police; his mom could see him take it and make him confess to the manager and give it back; his parents might punish him at home; he would feel guilty, etc.)

What if no one caught Marc stealing the candy bar? (There would still be bad results. He would feel guilty; he might think that he could get away with stealing and do it again; he would feel bad inside and not as close to God)

Sin always brings bad results!

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