… It Takes A Village!

Action and Words

Actions Speak Louder than Words

Tell your kids that you are going to test them to see how they listen and obey. (You will speak the following commands, but you will be doing something different with your actions.)

Give them the following three commands and see how they do.  Clap your hands when I say three – 1, 2, (clap your hands on the count of 2). I want each of you to smile. (make an ugly frown instead of a smile).  Rub your head (pat your stomach instead).

Ask:  Why was it hard to follow what I said? (You DID something different than what you SAID.)

It is important to not only speak the truth, but to live the truth with our actions.

The truth is found in a person – Jesus. He not only spoke the truth, but He proved what He said by His actions. Jesus said, “I am the Son of God.”(John 10:34-38) He proved He was God by doing miracles than no human could do. His words and His actions matched. He spoke and lived the truth!


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