… It Takes A Village!

Kids of Courage

Read the following story about a family’s persecution in Pakistan. (Taken from www.kidsofcourage.com)

Sidra is a teenager in Pakistan. She lives with her father, Ilyas Masih, and her mother, Najma Bibi. She has an older brother, four younger brothers, and a little sister.

Only two Christian families live in her village, and there is no church building. Sidra loves Jesus, and she wanted to learn more about God’s Word, so she signed up for a Bible class. She received lessons in the mail, and sent assignments back to the school’s office.

Three Muslim children named Shazia, Sadia, and Muhammad lived next door to Sidra’s family. The neighbor children noticed that the postman brought Sidra a package every two weeks. “What is in the packages?” they asked Sidra.

Sidra told them that she learned more about her Christian faith from the lessons that came in the packages. “We want to learn about Christianity, too!” said Shazia, Sadia, and Muhammad. “Can we receive the lessons?”

Sidra’s father is a garbage collector, and her family is not rich. But she wanted to help her neighbors learn about Jesus. So she paid the $2.50 membership fee for them, and she signed them up for the lessons.

The village postman noticed that the Muslim children got Bible lessons in the mail. He told the school principal. The principal went to Sidra’s house and talked to her father. “You and your daughter have been attracting Muslims to Christianity,” the principal said. “I will teach you a lesson for this!”

The principal told a news reporter and the police about the Bible lessons. The police came to Sidra’s house and arrested her father. Thankfully, family members were able to see that the police freed him the next day.

Sidra was guilty of “attracting Muslims to Christianity.” (To attract someone means to invite him or her or draw him or her closer to something.)

Ask: How might we attract others to Christianity? (By being kind, by helping others, by living a holy life, by obeying parents, etc.) Would you still be willing to tell others about Jesus IF you knew that bad things could happen?

 Say a prayer for those persecuted to be strong inside and stay true to God.


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